Leaflets for Hospitals/Clinics

Guts UK produces patient information leaflets on a range of conditions affecting the gut, liver and pancreas.

You can access and download information on a range of digestive disorders from the Conditions section. The information has been updated to reflect advances in the understanding and treatment of many of these disorders.

We have 16 leaflets in printed format (see below). If you work for a hospital or a clinic and would like to order printed leaflets in bulk please download our patient information order form. Alternatively you may need to contact your hospital or trust’s procurement department to ask them to raise and send an official purchase order.

The minimum order quantity is 100 leaflets but this does not have to be 100 of a particular title; you can make up the 100 with different numbers of different leaflets.

For NHS hospitals, our leaflets cost £25 for the first set of 100, and £10 for each additional set of 50 (any title). For private hospitals, the leaflets cost £35 for the first set of 100 and £15 for each additional set of 50. The delivery charge is £15 for up to 500 leaflets. We do not apply VAT to our orders.

Please return your completed order form with your official purchase order number and invoicing details to info@gutscharity.org.uk. If you have any further queries, or you are unable to download the form, please contact us on this email or by calling 020 7486 0341.

Guts UK can provide the following printed leaflets: