Donate your birthday to Guts UK

In 2021, Guts UK turns 50 years old.

50 years ago, our founders got together and decided they wanted to end the pain and suffering that you and I recognise all too well. We have made ground-breaking discoveries and transformed aspects of patient care, but the truth is, we haven’t yet achieved our founders goals. The UK still hasn’t got to grips with guts.

It has already been 50 years. With new knowledge, we will end the pain and suffering for the millions affected by digestive diseases. 

We’re asking you to share your birthday with us in 2021 and by donate your birthday to Guts UK. Join us and help the UK get to grips with guts once and for all!

Paige’s Story:

Paige chose to donate her birthday to Guts UK in memory of her nan, Patricia.

“I decided to donate my birthday money to Guts UK because raising awareness and supporting research surrounding gut issues is so important to me, since we lost our nan as a result of these. I was surprised at the fantastic support from my family and friends.

I would say to anyone thinking about donating their birthday to Guts UK to just do it! I could do without my birthday money, but families affected by digestive disease simply can’t.”

I want to donate my birthday to Guts UK:

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We will send you a free Guts UK t-shirt and pin-badge to start you on your fantastic fundraising journey!

If you have Facebook, you can login and set up a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser for Guts UK here. Simply search for Guts UK and select us as your chosen birthday charity.

Pam’s Story:

Some years ago, Pam had a hiatus hernia. Pam understands first hand just how debilitating digestive symptoms can be.

Pam turned 60-years-old on the 31st January in 2021, the same year that we at Guts UK celebrate our 50th birthday. When Pam discovered it was a big birthday for Guts UK too, she contacted us about taking on a SkyDive for us in 2021 and donating her birthday.

Hearing from people like Pam makes our day. Contact us today or fill out the above form if you’re interested in donating your birthday to Guts UK.

Contact us today if you're interested in donating your birthday to Guts UK!

Georgia’s Story:

Georgia decided she wanted to donate her birthday to Guts UK during our Kranky Panky Pancreatitis Awareness Campaign. She asked friends and family to donate to her fundraiser for Guts UK instead of giving her cards or gifts and managed to raise an incredible £860.00!

Thank you, Georgia, for helping us get to grips with guts.