Donate your birthday to Guts UK

Donating your birthday will help the UK get to grips with guts!

This year you could donate your birthday to Guts UK! Every person that shares their birthday with our small but mighty charity helps us take one step closer to getting to grips with guts. One step closer to helping us fund life-saving and life-changing research. One step closer to reaching more people who need us.

There are a few ways you can do this:

  1. Set up a Facebook birthday fundraiser. 
    You can spread the word to friends and family quickly that you are fundraising for Guts UK!
  2. Set up a JustGiving Page.
    If you don’t have a Facebook account, JustGiving can be a great alternative and easy to set up.
  3. Send us a donation directly. 
    If you’d rather send us a donation directly, you can safely donate online or you can send us a cheque in the post.

Paige’s Story:

Paige chose to donate her birthday to Guts UK in memory of her nan, Patricia.

“I decided to donate my birthday money to Guts UK because raising awareness and supporting research surrounding gut issues is so important to me, since we lost our nan as a result of these. I was surprised at the fantastic support from my family and friends.

I would say to anyone thinking about donating their birthday to Guts UK to just do it! I could do without my birthday money, but families affected by digestive disease simply can’t.”

Set up your own Facebook birthday fundraiser with just a few clicks!

Pam’s Story:

Pam had a hiatus hernia. Pam understands first hand just how debilitating digestive symptoms can be.

Pam turned 60-years-old on the 31st January in 2021, the same year that we at Guts UK celebrate our 50th birthday. When Pam discovered it was a big birthday for Guts UK too, she contacted us about taking on a SkyDive for us in 2021 and donating her birthday.

Hearing from people like Pam makes our day. Contact us today about your birthday challenge idea!

Contact us today about donating your birthday!

Dawn’s Story:

Dawn has donated her birthday to Guts UK for the past 2 years and has raised over £500 for us! Dawn has a condition called Achalasia so knows firsthand how important Guts UK’s research is.

“Living with a digestive disease can be a struggle for anyone, as I’ve learnt from personal experience. Finding Guts UK has shown me that there are so many people out there trying to raise awareness and doing amazing research into these issues. The support I’ve received through my own journey has been heart warming – knowing that I’m not alone has been a massive help.

If you weren’t too sure what charity you should dedicate your birthday fundraiser to, I fully recommend Guts UK – the information and advice that they provided has allowed me to educate myself and others. I hope to continue spreading awareness of these often overlooked conditions, to repay the kindness this organisation has shown me.

All the ways you can support Guts UK: