The Research We Fund

This charity was set up to change something – to increase the levels of research into diseases of the gut, liver and pancreas so no one suffers in silence or alone.

Since 1971 we have funded almost 300 projects and invested over £17 million pounds into medical research that leads to better diagnoses and treatments for the millions of people who, like us, don’t have the luxury of taking our guts for granted.

In 2021 we developed an ‘Experts By Experience’ Panel. This panel is a group of patients or carers, affected by a wide variety of digestive diseases. We’re proud to say that this panel now assists in deciding which research Guys UK funds, alongside medical experts. Guts UK will never make a decision that affects you, without you.

Guts UK’s vision is of a world where digestive disorders are better understood, better treated and everyone who lives with one gets the support they need.

The digestive system is an incredible but complex system and the better we understand how it works, the better we can look after it. Our research has the capacity to change and save lives, please consider donating to support our research programme today.

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For the details of the publications from all our Guts UK funded research and the impact of this research on gastroenterology, download the overview document below.