Research governance

Guts UK funds research on all digestive disorders.

We have a number of funding schemes, some led by Guts UK and some delivered in collaboration with other organisations. Guts UK is an active, full member of the Association for Medical Research Charities (AMRC) and we adhere to their recommendations and best practice guidance.

The Research Awards Committee (RAC) is the means by which the charity implements peer reviewed research awards policy conforming to AMRC guidelines. The RAC is independent of charity staff and Trustees. It is the responsibility of the Trustees to allocate funds for research and to decide on the research strategy and priorities of the charity. It is the role of the RAC to advise the Trustees on the recipients of the charity’s research awards.

All members of the RAC, and participants co-opted onto the RAC for particular awards, must sign a confidentiality agreement prior to serving on the RAC and agree to abide by AMRC’s Principles of Peer Review, including adhering to the conflict of interest policy.

Research Awards Committee Terms of Reference



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