Giving in memory

Honour the life of someone special.

A Lifelong Tribute

Remember a loved one by funding the research of tomorrow. Together, we will join forces to bring about important change in this misunderstood area of health.

Creating a Lifelong Tribute is an everlasting tribute in memory of your loved one, bringing comfort to families at a difficult time.

Remember your loved one by sharing photos, videos, music and much more all on one platform. You can also share thoughts, stories and light candles on special occasions. Friends and family can choose to donate to Guts UK, supporting research that has the capacity to diagnose earlier, develop new, kinder treatments and ultimately discover a cure.

Include the first and last name of the person you’re creating a Lifelong Tribute for below to create your everlasting tribute today:

Or search for an existing Lifelong Tribute

Guts UK’s envelopes can be used for collections, funerals and memorial services. They enable donations of cash, cheque and by card including Gift Aid.

To order your envelopes please email or call 020 7486 0341

If you would like to donate in memory of someone, you can find the donation form here.  If you are next of kin and would like to donate in memory, please download the donation form here.