Guts in your workplace

From collection tins in shops, to pancreas t-shirts and employer match-funding your fantastic fundraising – there are so many unique, fun and creative ways to get to grips with guts in the workplace.

Mystic Brew Teas

Meet Agnieszka, Alia & Cassius. Alia is three years old and suffers with a condition called achalasia. This means she can struggle to swallow and regurgitate food. Sometimes Alia may even require hospitalisation and tube-feeding due to weight-loss.

Alia’s parents own, selling delicious blends of loose leaf teas. Throughout September, Achalasia Awareness Month, they donated all profits from three teas to Guts UK.


Ventrala is a science-inspired brand selling t-shirts, posters and mugs. Set up by a group of medical students, strives for a world without health inequality by encouraging discussion about health and supporting charities.

The team will donate a percentage of their profits for their liver and pancreas t-shirts to Guts UK and hope to further add to their fantastic organ-related collection soon!

Charlie’s Sweet Shop

Phil called us after being hospitalised with diverticulitis (an infection in the bowel). He’d read conflicting, confusing information online and called Guts UK for clarity. We told him that there’s a lot of false and even dangerous information online and explained more about diverticular disease, diverticulitis and diet.

Phil was so relieved to have found evidence-based, easy-to-understand information that he chose to support Guts UK by keeping a collection tin in his sweet shop. Phil’s son also chose to donate his birthday to Guts UK, setting up a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser for Guts UK!

Together, we can fund research and provide support that means the world to millions of families. We can get to grips with guts. Discover how you could support Guts UK in the workplace, contact us today: • 020 7486 0341

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