Guts UK is a proud, trusted information creator for health information.

At Guts UK Charity, we gained our PIF TICK accreditation from the Patient Information Forum in 2023.

What is the PIF TICK?

The PIF TICK is the UK’s only assessed quality mark for print and online health information. To gain this accreditation, Guts UK had to undertake a very thorough assessment after applying. The process that we use to produce information was scrutinised by experts and we had to show our production process met PIF’s essential criteria for trustworthy information.

Information that has the sealed approval of a PIF TICK is evidence-based, understandable, jargon-free, up-to-date and produced to the best possible standard.

Why was a PIF TICK important to Guts UK, and for those with digestive conditions or symptoms?

At Guts UK, we know that information and knowledge is power. It’s important to us that we’re producing robust, trustworthy and evidence-based information. With expert patient information, people can take control of their health and make informed decisions.

We want our community to feel trusting and confident in the information they read from Guts UK. If you have any questions, contact us. 

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