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Guts UK is here to help where we can, and do our best to respond to your query within 3-5 working days though during busier periods it can take longer. Guts UK doesn’t have a medical helpline (yet!) so any urgent health-related matters should be directed to the NHS, your GP or urgent care services.

  • Please note that we are unable to provide medical advice for specific & personal medical queries, but can offer general information on digestive diseases & symptoms.
  • We would love to be able to send you more fascinating facts, the very latest updates on the impact your support is having on our work to end the suffering for the millions affected by digestive diseases and our fundraising activities. Please confirm you are happy for us to contact you in this way. Contact us via or by call us on 020 7486 0341 to change your preferences. Your details are safe with us. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.

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