Our approach

Since our foundation in 1971 as the Digestive Disorders Foundation, Guts UK’s vision has been of a world where digestive diseases are better understood, better treated and where everyone who lives with one gets the support they need. Digestive diseases are conditions that affect the gut, the liver or the pancreas. They are surprisingly widespread but include some of the conditions about which we know the least.

Their impact can be devastating, and the burden they place on society as a whole is huge.

Research into some types of digestive diseases is already generously funded by other charities so Guts UK prioritises research into those diseases where research is underfunded and where we can make a significant difference.

In 2018, to accompany its rebrand, Guts UK launched a new research strategy. The new Guts UK research strategy will take a four-fold approach:

  1. Guts UK will support research that can make a difference to patients affected by digestive disorders.
  2. As a charity closely associated with the British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG), Guts UK will also prioritise areas of research identified by the BSG clinical research groups as needing more support. Guts UK will also continue to support training in research for the next generation of health and non-clinical science professionals.
  3. Guts UK, through its fellowships, will continue to support the development of the future leaders in academic gastroenterology.
  4. And as a charity open to the world, Guts UK will encourage research that draws on innovation and achievements of other fields to speed up progress in gastroenterology, as well as on collaborations with other organisations that can help us meet our aims sooner.

Guts UK will also direct resources to raising awareness, campaigning, providing expert information and giving patients a voice. On occasions, when they might be more effective at delivering its aims, Guts UK might prioritise these activities over directly funding research.

Why is research so important?

Investment into medical research keeps all our doctors, nurses, surgeons and healthcare professionals at the top of their game, enabling them to deliver the best healthcare they can and every patient benefits from this.

Research is everyone’s business. We need a dramatic shift in perception and levels of research into this hugely important area.  Guts UK wants to start a national conversation about our guts and engage all ages with the fascinating facts, ignite interest, raise awareness and help this underrated topic finally get its time in the spotlight.

If you have questions about this funding opportunity or would like to sign up for research award updates, email research@gutscharity.org.uk