Guts UK/BSG Trainee Awards

This grant is now closed and is expected to reopen in June 2024.

The Guts UK/BSG Trainee Awards are 1-year grants of up to £5,000 for individuals or £10,000 for networks for research or audit/QI on any area of gastroenterology.

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Guts UK and the British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) are inviting applications under this programme, which is open to UK-based gastroenterology and allied Specialty Trainees (who hold a National Training Number) who would like to conduct research or audit/Quality Improvement in any area of gastroenterology (including pancreatology and hepatology) or nutrition in relation to gastroenterology.

We strongly encourage applications that are aligned to our current research priorities which can be found on our website.

Applications can be submitted by individual trainees (Individual Awards) or by collaborators within a network of trainees (Network Awards), though network applications must name one lead applicant.

  • The project must address an area of clinical need and have clear patient benefit.
  • Pilot and feasibility work to enable larger grant applications will be considered.
  • Applications for the network awards may be for new projects for existing networks or for the development of a project within a new research network.
  • The project must be entirely based within the UK and for a period of one year only.

Applications are accepted for individual and for network projects. Grants are available up to £5,000 each for individuals, £10,000 for networks, with no minimum value, with a total budget for all the awards of £50,000.

All relevant non-capital project costs can be funded under this award. This can include, for example, network-related set up costs such as website, database expenses as well as project-related travel or volunteers expenses but excludes conference and training course attendance.

In order to assist with project start-up costs 50% of the grant will be paid at the start of the project and the remaining grant will be paid on receipt by Guts UK of the final report (subject to a satisfactory peer review) and a final financial reconciliation of the grant costs. Please note that the Finance Officer should be a nominated staff member of the host institution’s finance department.

Please note: Guts UK supported projects are eligible for Clinical Research Network (CRN) support provided they meet NIHR’s standard study eligibility criteria and we would encourage applicants to consider this in the design and subsequent delivery of their project.

The successful project should be able to start within a maximum of six months of the date of the award.  Ideally ethical approval, where necessary, will have been sought before the application is submitted but applications will be accepted before approval has been sought.  However, funds will not be released until proof of ethical approval has been submitted for applications where ethical approval is required. A final report should be available to Guts UK within three months of completion.

Please note there is a separate online application form for individual and network application. Applicants should make sure that they complete the correct form.


The deadline for applications is 11th September 2023 at 5pm. Applications will be initially reviewed by a subset of the Guts UK Research Awards Committee. The top scoring applications will be assessed by the Guts UK Research Awards Committee at a meeting at the end of November. The Trustees of Guts UK will approve the awards of the grants to those research projects. The successful applicants will be notified by the end of December 2023.


Trainees who have an established project or fellowship that is fully funded are not eligible for this award unless the funding is to contribute to a separate piece of work which is distinct from their thesis. Details of other funding for related work must be provided on the application form.

To fill out the application form for Individual Awards, click here. Please download the Guts UK Research Grants Terms and Conditions.


  • Applications should include a group of six or more trainees linked as a research network either within a region or nationally.
  • The project has to be delivered from a network of at least six trainees from at least four independent trusts.
  • A single senior applicant can be the chair of the research network with other trainees listed as co-applicants or collaborators.
  • The lead applicant must be a gastroenterology trainee at a grade of specialty trainee, but co-applicants can be from all training grades as long as they are part of the research network working together.
  • Agreement from a supervisor or mentor must be provided from the host institution that will administer the grant. The supervisor will be expected to oversee the project and must sign the application.

Download a guide with tips on how to set up a successful trainee network.

To fill out the application form for Network Awards, click here. Please download the Guts UK Research Grants Terms and Conditions.

If you have questions about this funding opportunity or would like to sign up for research award updates, email

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