Guts UK Amelie Waring PhD Studentship (Pancreatitis)

The Guts UK Amelie Waring PhD Studentship is an award for research into any aspect of pancreatic inflammation or injury. 

The Amelie Waring PhD Studentship call is now open and will close to submissions on Monday 2nd September 2024 at 5pm. 

For updates, please refer to this web-page or email

Eligibility Criteria

This three-year award is open to supervisors proposing a PhD programme with the aim of encouraging the development of highly motivated graduates in the area of research into pancreatic injury or inflammation. 

Please see ‘research scope and eligibility criteria document’ linked below for further information. 

Budget and research duration

Up to a maximum of £120,000 is available to include a stipend, fees and consumables.  

Stipends should be a minimum of £19,237 per year (outside London) and £21,237 per year (within London). 

Direct costs associated with the project will be funded. Overhead allocation, other indirect costs, publication costs, equipment, and capital costs will not be funded. Reasonable conference costs will be funded, where appropriately justified. If part of the project takes place abroad, Guts UK will not finance expenditure on consumables in overseas institutions. 

Other considerations

Guts UK is keen that the research starts as soon as possible after the award of the grant, the start date must be within 12 months of the award date.  

Ethical approval, if required by the project, will be needed before the work commences. All licences pertaining to research using animals must be valid and in place. 

For clinical research, provided the study meets the NIHR’s definition of a research study, it will be eligible for adoption by the UK Clinical Research Network and therefore, for NIHR support. Applicants are encouraged to contact their local NIHR Clinical Research Network for advice as early as possible. 

Application process 

To apply, download the following documents: 

Please submit your complete and fully e-signed application to  The deadline for applications is Monday 2nd September 2024, 5pm. 

Applications will be assessed by the Guts UK Research Awards Committee and external peer reviewers. The Research Awards Committee will then select one PhD Studentship for funding and the Trustees of Guts UK will approve the award of the grant to that research project. The successful applicant will be notified by the end of February 2025. 

Please note: Any queries relating to submission of the application must be referred directly to Guts UK.  Applicants or their colleagues may not contact a Research Awards Committee member or Guts UK Trustee to discuss any aspect of an application, or the decision reached on it. 

If you have questions about this funding opportunity or would like to sign up for research award updates, email