Who was Amelie Waring?

Amelie Waring was the wife of Herbert Waring, an international business man with offices in the UK and Switzerland. She died of pancreatitis triggered by trauma to her pancreas during a car crash. Her death from what was then a poorly understood condition made her husband resolved to support the discovery of the causes, treatment and prevention of pancreatitis.

After consultation with key experts in the field he decided to support research into pancreatitis in the UK by funding grants awarded by Guts UK (then known as the British Digestive Foundation).

Mr Waring’s generosity supported a number of research projects from 1981 until his death at which point the funds were passed on to the British Digestive Foundation. These funds have supported the award of the Amelie Waring Research Fellowships since their creation in 1981, and continue to allow Guts UK to support research into pancreatitis, as well as other aspects of pancreas disease.

We are proud to have advanced the understanding and management of pancreatitis through these awards in memory of Amelie Waring.

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