Previous Amelie Waring Fellowship recipients and highlights

The Amelie Waring Fellowship has been awarded to outstanding researchers and clinical academics since its establishment in 1981.

ResearchersProject TitleInstitution
Dr James O'KellySingle cell definition of the mechanistic role of kynurenine monooxygenase at the innate immune interface in acute pancreatitisUniversity of Edinburgh
Mr Alastair HayesDefining the mechanistic role of kynurenine 3-monoxygenase (KMO) inhibition in the resolution of organ dysfunction in severe acute pancreatitisUniversity of Edinburgh
Mr Muhammad JavedMitochondrial cyclophilin D: a novel molecular target for the treatment of necrotizing pancreatitisRoyal Liverpool University Hospital
Dr Rajarshi MukherjeeMitochondrial injury in the pathogenesis of necrotizing pancreatitisUniversity of Liverpool
Mr John MurphyThe role of intracellular second messenger and premature intracellular enzyme activation in the pathogenesis of acute pancreatitisUniversity of Liverpool
Mr Damian MoleIsolation and modulation of the hepatic cytokine response to acute pancreatitisQueen's University of Belfast
Dr Fanny ShekMechanisms of stellate cell activation, proliferation and apoptosis in chronic pancreatitisUniversity of Southampton
Dr Richard AspinallGenetic vaccination for pancreatic cancerImperial College, London
Dr Simon LingA stable isotope breath test to measure pancreatic exocrine function in childrenUniversity of Glasgow
Dr S D SlaterAnalysis of auto-immune mechanisms in chronic pancreatitisHammersmith Hospital, London
Mr Andrew N KingsnorthCytokine signalling in acute pancreatitisUniversity of Liverpool
Mrs J Kim RipleyRegulation of pancreatic enzyme synthesis by islet hormonesUniversity of Manchester
Mr Graeme J PostonTherapeutic application of somatostatin in pancreatic cancerSt Mary’s Hospital Medical School, London
Dr C Paul Barham; Professor Derek AldersonThe measurement of pancreatic ductal pressure in ambulatory subjects with pancreatic and papillary disordersUniversity of Bristol
Mr P E Thomas; Dr H SeehraRoutes of pancreatic enzyme secretion in the normal and acutely inflamed pancreasUniversity of Manchester
Dr Richard Lendrum; Dr Margaret BassendineEvaluation of the role of viruses and immune mechanisms in chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic carcinoma. LHRH-analogue treatment of pancreatic cancer.Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne
Dr Jerry KelleherPure pancreatic juice studiesSt James's University Hospital, Leeds
Prof Jon M Rhodes; Dr Chi-Kong ChingInvestigation of cancer-related glycoproteins in carcinoma of the pancreasLiverpool University Medical School
Dr Timothy C Northfield; Dr D FacchinettiLipid digestion and absorption in health and in pancreatic steatorrhoea due to adult cystic fibrosisSt George’s Hospital, London
Dr Joan BraganzaAnalysis of the diet and bile in pancreatic diseaseUniversity of Manchester
Professor John Hermon-Taylor; Dr BM AustenSynthesis of new proteins for use in the treatment of acute pancreatitisSt George’s Hospital, London
Dr CW Imrie; Mr MJ McMahon; Professor R C N WilliamsonDigestive hydrolases and hydrolase inhibitors in pancreatic juice in health and disease Lavage therapy in pancreatitis. Therapeutic lavage in acute pancreatitis (‘A co-operative study between the three centres looking into the role of peritoneal lavage in the treatment of pancreatic necrosis’).Glasgow; Leeds; Bristol
Professor R M Case; Dr Joan BraganzaCause of pancreatitis (‘Digestive hydrolase and hydrolase inhibitors in pancreatic juice in health and disease’).Manchester Royal Infirmary