John’s Story – Oesophageal Cancer

How was John diagnosed with oesophageal cancer?

Early on in 2020, John started to feel full after eating small amounts of food. John’s wife, Pam had noticed that he was losing weight quite quickly too.

Pam had sadly lost a family member to oesophageal cancer years prior, so when she recognised her husbands’ symptoms, she urged him to talk to his doctor.

John didn’t delay. He made an appointment to tell his GP about his symptoms. His GP made an urgent referral for John to have an endoscopy. Shortly afterwards, John was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. He began treatment, which lasted for months. It was a tough time for John, Pam and their loved ones.

How is John doing more recently?

Finally, over a year on, John has finished his treatment for oesophageal cancer and is recovering well.

Pam and John have an allotment, where they grow a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables. Throughout 2020, Pam (and John when he was well enough) spent their days tending to the allotment. They had grown plenty of fruit and vegetables to go around, so they began offering neighbours and those walking by their delicious fruit and vegetables for a small donation to Guts UK.

Word spread across the village about the locally grown goods and eventually, the determined husband
and wife duo managed to raise £250 for Guts UK!

John and Pam’s story is a beautiful example of a small community pulling together and making big change happen. Their local parish council also chose to donate to Guts UK, bringing the total raised up to a remarkable £532!

The survival rates for oesophageal cancer simply aren’t good enough. Only 15 out of 100 people diagnosed with oesophageal cancer will survive for 5 years or more, yet 59% of cases are preventable.

Guts UK’s research can change this, diagnosing people like John with the deadliest digestive cancers while they still have a fighting chance. Guts UK’s research saves lives. Please give £3 to Guts UK per month. Join us, as we get to grips with guts.

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