Ray’s Story – IBS

“My name is Ray and I found Guts UK whilst I was researching my IBS symptoms online.

Over the past two years, I have experienced symptoms of IBS. After I eat, sometimes I feel a real discomfort – it’s as though I can feel spasms as my food travels through my digestive system. I can also struggle with indigestion and constipation too.

I only recently decided to speak with my doctor, who agreed that my symptoms seemed consistent with IBS and thankfully together, we’ve managed to stabilise my symptoms (with mebeverine hydrochloride). It was disheartening though, as IBS didn’t seem to be my doctor’s priority. But the symptoms I was experiencing were making my day-to-day really difficult – so it was certainly my priority.

Upon my researching, I found Guts UK and decided to call them to find out more. I spoke to a lady called Julie. I explained my situation, Julie asked me further questions and offered her guidance and experience, which has really given me confidence for when I come to speaking with my doctor again.

Most importantly, Julie gave me her time and didn’t rush me. I’m extremely grateful for her truly listening to me and I finally feel like I’m on the right track.”

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