Guts UK/Nutritional Research Foundation collaboration

Research projects jointly funded by the Guts UK/Nutritional Research Foundation collaboration

Dr John Louis-Auguste (previous)Effects of multiple micronutrient and amino acid supplementation on intestinal function and microbiomehost interactions in environmental enteropathy: a study in Zambian adultsQueen Mary University of London
Miss Nilanjana Tewari (previous)Do differences in body composition, distribution and physiology of muscle and adipose tissue alter the magnitude of postoperative insulin resistance and inflammation in patients undergoing major surgery?University of Nottingham
Dr Richard D Johnston (previous)Nutritional modulation of hepatic lipid metabolism in health and diseaseWolfson Digestive Diseases Centre, Nottingham
Dr Katharina Wallis (previous) GLUCAGON LIKE PEPTIDE 2 - measurement, mechanisms of release and clinical relevance in intestinal failure Imperial College, London
Mr Edwin Charles Clark (previous) Cellular and molecular mechanisms of nutritional modulation of intestinal barrier function University of Manchester
Mr Dominic Slade (previous)Investigating gut function changes in patients who have undergone major abdominal vascular surgerySouth Manchester University Hospital
Dr Dominic Ray-Chaudhuri (previous)Investigating the intestinal metabolism of fatty acids in health and disease and the implications for the injured patientUniversity of Manchester
Dr Anthony Paul Jenkins (previous)Response of small intestine mucosa to dietary fatMedical School of Guy's & St Thomas's Hospitals