Mushroom Risotto

A very tasty, satisfying meal. You can replace the parmesan with a vegan alternative. This recipe contains lots of umami from white miso, oyster mushrooms and parmesan cheese.

Photography & Recipe: Julie Thompson, Information Manager at Guts UK

Mushroom Risotto

• Makes: 4 portions • Nutritional breakdown per 300g portion: 360kcal, 6.5g protein, 16.2g fat, 21.5g carbohydrate


  • 160g Oyster mushrooms (oyster mushrooms are suitable for a Low Fodmap diet – use any variety if not following this diet.)
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 250g arborio (risotto) rice
  • 15g white miso diluted with 700ml boiling water
  • 20g vegan or standard parmesan
  • 50g toasted pine nuts
  • 3-4 sprigs of thyme
  • additional grated parmesan

How to make:

Now the only rule really in making risotto is that you shouldn’t leave it alone for a second! It takes time to prepare but it is worthwhile putting that additional work in – you get out what you put in.

  • Grate the parmesan and set aside.
  • Toast the pine nuts in a drizzle of oil until they are brown -watch them closely as they can easily burn. Set aside to cool and then add the thyme (chopped) and mix well.
  • Add the oil to the pan and gently fry the mushrooms for 5 minutes. Then add rice to the pan and cook to 2 minutes.
  • Start to incorporate the miso based stock slowly to the pan over 10-15 minutes and keep stirring – this will prevent the rice from sticking to the pan.
  • The rice is ready when it is al dente (slightly firm to bite)
  • You may need additional liquid – water is suitable – depending on the rice you use.
  • At this point stir in the grated parmesan and serve topped with toasted pine nuts and extra grated parmesan to taste (you shouldn’t need any seasoning as the flavours are deep but add some at this point after tasting the dish if you wish.)

Suitable for the low fodmap diet, gluten free diet and low lactose diet.