What is the #GUTSelfie Campaign?

What is the #GUTSelfie campaign?

#GUTSelfie is a day where everyone with a digestive condition or symptoms come together to raise awareness. Our research has shown that 58% of people are embarrassed about their digestive condition or symptoms. No one should feel alone or isolated, and no one should delay seeking help.

Together, we can take one giant leap towards abolishing the stigma and taboo surrounding digestive health. Together we do more. Together we reach hundreds of thousands of people, in one day. Our voices unite with one key message; it’s time the UK got to grips with guts.

This is our chance to make noise and finally be heard. Sign up to #GUTSelfie 2024 today. Be part of something phenomenal.

When is #GUTSelfie?

#GUTSelfie 2024 takes place on Sunday 30th June.

#GUTSelfie always falls on the last Sunday in June.

What does #GUTSelfie mean to you?

The #GUTSelfie campaign is very empowering. It enables me to take part with so many incredible and uplifting people.

Seeing and reading others stories makes me realise how many gut conditions there are, some I didn’t know about and it gave me more knowledge, understanding and awareness of those.

I also hope I help and inspire other people to take part in future campaigns.  Remember, you are never alone.


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