Your #GUTSelfie Guide

Before you start snapping, we've put together a guide to help you take the perfect #GUTSelfie.

1) Think about what you want to say in your #GUTSelfie

Remember that this is your chance to share your experience, journey and story. It is your #GUTSelfie, so share what you feel comfortable sharing and make it your own. A lot of people shared an experience last year of feeling misunderstood. Even if you want to share some thoughts over the past few weeks. Grab your Guts UK t-shirt and start snapping.

2) Choose your temporary tattoos and put them on your body!

Your body is your canvas. Your stomach, neck, chest and back (even your face if you’re feeling brave!) Follow the instructions on the back of the temporary tattoos. Make sure your skin is clean and completely dry. Though the instructions say to rub the tattoo, we find that firmly pressing with a damp cloth/sponge does the trick! A pretty damp cloth works best, and don’t be tempted to touch the tattoo until it’s completely dry.

If you’d feel more comfortable, use the #GUTSelfie board provided instead.

3) Post your #GUTSelfie on Sunday 25th June 2023 (and no sooner!)

You must tag @gutscharityuk and use the #GUTSelfie hashtag. People often also use #GUTSelfieDay and #GUTSelfie2023 too. Watch the love and support flood in – you’ll be amongst hundreds of other people, all helping the UK get to grips with guts!

Your fundraising makes #GUTSelfie possible, allowing us to keep it free and open to all. Add a fundraising button to your #GUTSelfie post!

Don’t forget!

  • Your #GUTSelfie and the temporary tattoos are to be kept top secret until #GUTSelfie day! But, we’d love it if you could talk about #GUTSelfie in the lead up to the big day, sharing photos in your guts gear and any goodies you received.
  • Use your back camera if you’re taking your photo on a phone. A front-facing camera will mirror the image and the writing will look backwards. Or, you could ‘flip’ the image once taken!
  • If your account is private, we won’t see your #GUTSelfie. We would highly recommend making your account public, even if only for #GUTSelfie day itself. The beauty of the #GUTSelfie campaign is how wonderful it is at connecting people. However if you’d like to keep your account private, email us screenshots of your #GUTSelfie and post on the day to:
  • You’re agreeing to the terms and conditions of the #GUTSelfie campaign by taking part. More details on our Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • Know that you’re part of something truly wonderful. Thank you.

You can keep #GUTSelfie going for years to come.

It would warm our hearts if you could add a fundraising button (see how below) to your #GUTSelfie, so your followers can support Guts UK Charity if they wish. Our guts have been misunderstood and undervalued for decades. Your kindness has the capacity to change and save lives. Thank you.

If you’d prefer to donate directly instead, please donate £9.00 today. Your donation makes #GUTSelfie possible every year, and keeps #GUTSelfie accessible and open to all. When you donate, please write ‘#GUTSelfie’ in the notes box!

Demonstration of how to add a fundraiser to Instagram post. Under new post, click 'add fundraiser' and search for Guts UK. With just a few clicks, you take us another step closer to getting to grips with guts!

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