Linda June Dyson

This story is part of the Guts UK Pancreatitis Awareness Campaign.

The Dyson Family, remembering Linda June Dyson.

We were very comforted by the information provided by Guts UK and believe it offers great help and advice to those who may find themselves in the same situation. However, we had to find out about the charity through our own searches and the information wasn’t made available to us by the hospital or via posters on the wards.

We notice the charities with much bigger budgets have a more visible presence and there is clear support for patients and family affected by the conditions – but not so much for pancreatitis.

We hope that you can make a change using the money donated from Linda’s funeral.

We thank the Dyson family for choosing to honour Linda’s life this way, helping others going forward. On behalf of everyone who will benefit from the research you make possible, thank you.

What you can do:

Please help us raise the banner for pancreatitis this #KrankyPanky month. Share, discuss or donate to our life-saving research.

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