Deana Simmond

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Deana Simmond’s Story

My name is Deana Simmond. My illness has caused me to give up work – I was medically retired. I have to be very careful what I eat and I am on a lot of medication. Also we do not go out as much as we used to, luckily I have a very understanding husband, without him I doubt very much if I would be alive today. I suffer a lot of pain in my back. I had half of my pancreas removed and now I suffer with Type 3 diabetes, so I am on insulin and tablets and have had to change my diet even more now. My pancreatitis was caused by a stone from my gallbladder, which I had removed about 15 years ago. However I still suffer pain, hence having had half of my pancreas removed. The doctors have found a mass in the remaining part which has grown from 6mms to 9mms and I am now just putting up with the pain, helped by medication.

What can you do?

Join in our Kranky Panky Weekend fun and fundraise for more pancreatitis research with Guts UK. Check out some of our fun ideas here!

Guts UK is proud to fund the only fellowship into pancreatitis in the UK. However, one fellowship every three years is not nearly enough for this potentially deadly condition with no specific treatment. We need to do more. Help Guts UK fund more research to find a treatment for pancreatitis by donating today.

More information

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