#GUTSelfie Campaign 2022

26th June 2022

On 26th June 2022, Guts UK launched our second #GUTSelfie Awareness Campaign. During this unique campaign, we send temporary tattoos and a sign to those with digestive diseases who want to talk about their guts. On the Sunday, everyone posts their #GUTSelfie.

“Seeing everyone’s stories about living with a digestive disorder was so amazing. It makes everyone living with one feel less alone”.

#GUTSelfie 2022 Theme: Invisible Illnesses

We asked our community to recall an experience where they have felt dismissed, questioned or challenged about their condition. Digestive diseases can often be dismissed because people ‘look fine’. We wanted to address this – some conditions and disabilities are visible, some are invisible. All are valid.

“I’m still very private with my gut issues, but seeing what you’re doing for #GUTSelfie and reading people’s stories has helped with the mind side of things today”.

Together, we will reach thousands of people who may be suffering in silence and alone. Together, we will empower people to seek help.

“I’ve loved the variety of photos being shared. My timeline has been flooded with photos this morning which has been great for raising awareness!”

I want to join #GUTSelfie 2023:

Each year, #GUTSelfie takes us one giant leap forward in abolishing the crippling taboo surrounding our guts. Together, we encourage people to speak to someone if they’re struggling with digestive symptoms. No one should suffer alone or in silence.

To take part in #GUTSelfie 2023, scroll to the bottom of this page, fill in the form and we’ll be in touch next year!

Guts UK can only continue campaigns like #GUTSelfie, and reach those who need us most with your kindness. Help us reach those suffering in silence by donating today. Thank you.

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