Flushing away the poo taboo, together!

7th March 2024

What is it that stops us from talking about our digestive health, or poo, as openly as we’d talk about having a cold, a headache or back pain? After all, our poo is an indication of our health. At Guts UK Charity, we want to abolish the taboo that surrounds our digestive health. Our research shows that 51% of people delay seeking advice for their symptoms for over six months. Six months and longer is a long time to suffer in silence, and alone. It’s putting our health at risk, and it’s time to change that.

We’re not going to get there alone:

Guts UK and Imodium® have teamed up for the second year in 2024 to flush away the taboo surrounding poo. Our combined 100 years of expertise in gut health makes our partnership powerful. Our joined voices make us best placed to have the biggest impact, and get the nation talking about their guts. After all, we all have them!


“My IBS is often shrugged off compared to my other health conditions. You’re left to ‘just deal with it’ and find out your own information. I definitely find comfort in toilet humour, I’d rather have someone laughing with me than have them feel uncomfortable about my IBS. When I meet someone else with IBS, it’s always like an instant bond. It helps to know I’m not the only person stuck on the toilet sometimes!

I really believe you have to get to a certain level of acceptance to move past the worry and upset. There’s a power in self-managing your symptoms, and accepting them too”. – James. Read James’ full story here.

A Powerful Partnership

Over the coming months, Imodium® and Guts UK Charity are working together to normalise conversations surrounding digestion. You might see us in HuffPost, supermarket pharmacy tills, on pharmacy screens, on floor stickers in Boots and much more. In 2024, we’re also putting onus on raising awareness to healthcare professionals. It’s important that those looking after the nations’ health are aware of the barriers that stop people from talking about their guts, to guide people to the help they need.

Imodium® and Guts UK know that there’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to your gut health. We want to cut through that noise together, providing you with information you can trust. Discover more here.

Our digestive systems have been underfunded and misunderstood for too long. Getting to grips with guts is no easy feat, but with partners like Imodium® by our side, we take one huge leap closer.

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