A poo costume and a Professor – what a team!

4th October 2021

On Sunday 22nd August this year we had our small but mighty team of runners take on the famous half marathon route through London for Guts UK! This incredible course weaves through some of London’s most iconic landmarks, making the day a memorable one for all runners involved!

Team Guts UK raised just over £2,000! What an incredible achievement.

The running poo!

Ben wanted to encourage his friends and family to support his fundraising for this race. His ground breaking idea? If he hit his £500 target, he would run in a poo costume. He did not expect his first donation minutes later to be said £500 from one of his friends!

Ben was a fantastic sport on the day, keeping the costume on the whole way round with our Guts UK logo on the back. It’s safe to say he caught a few people’s attention!

I knew it would motivate people to donate to see me embarrass myself in a poo costume, but I was shocked when I saw one of my friends had donated £500!

The dedicated Professor

Chris Probert, pictured on the right, is a professor of Gastroenterology at the University of Liverpool. He has taken on quite a number of challenges for Guts UK over the years and is a proud supporter of Guts UK.

He raised an incredible amount and even beat his previous year’s time. Well done and thank you Chris!

We were also joined by the lovely Elpitha (middle) on the big day, who came to show her support to our runners. We met Elpitha through our Instagram account and was a big part of our #GUTSelfie campaign this June. We love meeting our community in person and are delighted when they want to support our fundraisers. Thank you so much Elpitha!

If either of our runners have inspired you to take on the Vitality Big Half Marathon, please get in touch today about our places for next year’s run!

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