#GUTSelfie Campaign

26th June 2021

On 27th June 2021, Guts UK launched our unique awareness campaign, The #GUTSelfie Campaign.

We reached out to people on Instagram who are affected by a range of digestive diseases. We gave our ‘gut army’ temporary tattoos and a sign. We asked them to share their digestive disease story.

Together, we will reach thousands of people who may have been suffering in silence and alone. Together, we will empower people to seek help.

I'm on social media and would LOVE to be involved in any future campaigns!

Follow us on Instagram for our latest campaigns and the next #GUTSelfie – we’d love to have you on board. Together, we can join forces to bring about important change in this misunderstood area of health. Let’s get to grips with guts, once and for all.

This is a huge step forward in abolishing the crippling taboo surrounding our guts, and encouraging people to speak to someone if they’re struggling with digestive symptoms. No one should suffer alone or in silence.

Our guts have been underfunded, undervalued and understaffed for far too long. It’s time the UK got to grips with guts.

We also felt this campaign was really important in highlighting that not all illnesses are visible and that disabilities can be invisible. Sadly our community are often confronted on why they’re using a disabled toilet or parking space. It’s an important reminder to be kind and considerate. Digestive diseases are more than just an upset tummy.

Thank you to all those taking part in the #GUTSelfie campaign and those supporting from the side-lines. With the noise you make, we can join forces to bring about important change in this misunderstood area of health. Thank you for helping the UK get to grips with guts!

Are you interested in taking part in our #GUTSelfie social media campaign? Discover more here.


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