Team Guts UK at The Vitality Big Half Marathon 2019

5th April 2019

Congratulations to all our brilliant runners who took part in The Vitality Big Half Marathon in London in March. Team Guts UK came and conquered, and in the process, raised an enormous £7,613.00!

If you thought it was hard enough to attempt running 13.1 miles across London, think about facing 60 mph gales… it was a consistent uphill climb for these committed runners. Despite these adverse conditions, each and every runner completed the race in great time.

Thank you, for every step of the way.

Team ME Engineers

Above is Team ME Engineers, a group of six colleagues and friends. Team members Andy and Mike both had very personal experiences after close family members were affected by diverticular disease. Mike nearly lost his dad and Andy’s mum sadly passed away last summer due to complications from diverticulitis.

“None of us want anyone to have that experience again”

They ran to raise awareness of diverticulitis and find a treatment that can save lives. After raising a huge amount, their employers ME Engineers matched the team’s efforts, taking their grand total over £3,000.

What is diverticular disease?

Guts UK’s research into diverticular disease

For something that is increasingly common among our population, diverticular disease brings with it many questions. It’s a priority area for Guts UK.

NOW OPEN: Call for Guts UK/Bowel & Cancer Research Award

We are very proud to co-fund research into diverticular disease, in collaboration with Bowel & Cancer Research. Together, we can find answers so that no more lives are lost, and we understand diverticular disease better.

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