How your donation helps the UK get to grips with guts!

1st November 2023

Guts UK has three charitable objectives:

  1. Provide expert information to patients
  2. Raise awareness of digestive health
  3. Fund research into the digestive system from top to tail; the gut, liver and pancreas

How every £1 you donated in 2022 was spent:

  • 62p into funding and administering our life-changing research: We are dedicated to research into our digestive systems. Since 1971 we have funded almost 300 projects and invested over £17 million pounds into medical research that leads to better diagnoses and treatments for the millions of people who, like us, don’t have the luxury of taking our guts for granted.
  • 15p into funding public education, providing patient information and raising awareness: 58% of people with a digestive condition are embarrassed about their condition/symptoms. 51% of people delay seeking advice for their symptoms for over six months. Guts UK exists to change that! We put our expert patient information into the hands of those who need it most, when they need it most. We empower them to take control and seek help.
  • 9p into fundraising, like supporting our community’s challenges: Helping our fabulous fundraisers all shapes and sizes of challenges, and securing places at events. The movers, makers and the shakers; our fundraisers are just some of the people who are, in our eyes, the most inspirational people on the planet.
  • 14p other: This includes governance, our management team, office and administrative overheads.

With you by our side, we can and we will get to grips with guts. Thank you.

“Beesty’s Bandits” completed a 10k in memory of Katie’s (third from the left) brother, Andrew, aka ‘Beesty’ earlier this year.



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