“We’ve GUT this!”

20th August 2021

Guts UK has a 6 member team for the 2021 London Marathon on October 3rd. We are delighted to introduce you to our second runner of the 2021 team!

It is so important to us to share each runner’s story and their motivation for taking on this once in a life time challenge.

We are pleased to introduce you to, Stella:

This is Stella and she’s a cancer scientist!

“Since my PhD I have researched various parts of the gastrointestinal organ. I’m proud and dedicated to win the fight against cancer with the strength of interdisciplinary research collaboration, as well as brave people and families suffering from this. I decided to start fundraising for Guts UK to raise awareness of this extraordinary 9 meter long organ and its associated diseases, for example cancer. Cancer is a personal struggle for my family too.”

Stella’s son Christos is ready to support his mum all the way with her fundraising and training! He is equally as interested in the digestive system and digestive health as his mum. His favourite gut fact? That the small intestine is lined with millions of tiny bumps, called villi, which soak food nutrients into your blood!

It’s people like Stella that uncover new information that doctors can then use to transform patients lives. At Guts UK we are proud to be funding 27 active research projects.

People are suffering. People are dying. All because of a lack of knowledge about guts. Guts UK exists to change that. Guts UK’s research leads to earlier diagnoses, kinder treatments and ultimately, a cure for digestive diseases.

Our guts have been underfunded, understaffed and undervalued for decades. With help from people like Stella and Christos, we will join forces and bring about important change in this misunderstood area of health.

“Please donate what you can so we can reach our goal of £2,000 and help people suffering from diseases of the gut. WE’VE GUT THIS!” – Stella & Christos.

You can support Stella and Christos by heading over to their JustGiving Page. If Stella has inspired you to take on your own challenge, discover how you can support Guts UK or introduce yourself. We love hearing from you!

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