“My bladder & bowel own my life”

15th July 2019

We discuss the need for continence research and awareness, alongside the shortage of suitable public toilets.

In 2016, a number of charities including Guts UK acknowledged that continence was an issue for their communities. Guts UK and 9 other organisations then came together to discuss the issues surrounding continence care at a workshop and how these might be addressed.

The magic really happens when researchers, health/social care professionals, carers, charities and patients all come together. From this, crucial recommendations can be made to create movement and change.

Some of the recommendations put forward included:

  1. Researchers need to recognise the valuable insights that patient and public involvement has within their research projects.
  2. There’s a need for a more dedicated continence service.
  3. Improved access to training & education in self-management of continence is needed, alongside facilitating patients/carers the platform to share knowledge (e.g. forums).
  4. The taboo around continence issues must be broken by increased public discussion.

To read the full collaborative workshop document, click here

I want to help:

Share your story

The only way we can end the poo taboo is by creating a national conversation.

Guts UK’s research found that over half of those experiencing digestive symptoms did not seek medical advice for over 6 months. This is not good enough.

Do you struggle with incontinence or a digestive disorder? Have you found comfort in reading other stories similar to your own? Could sharing your story provide the same comfort for someone else in your position?

Contact our fundraising team if you’d like to discuss sharing your story. Call 01484 483123 or email info@gutscharity.org.uk

Write to the CEO's of the UK highstreet

Crohn’s and Colitis UK are asking people to write to the CEO’s of the UK highstreet restaurants & bars, encouraging them to install new accessible toilet signs.

ASDA were praised for their installation of accessible toilet signs

To join the campaign click here

Support crucial research

Guts UK fund research into the digestive system from top to tail, and are the only UK charity doing so.

Your hard work and commitment to our cause enables us to continue our crucial work at Guts UK. Our mission is to provide expert information, raise awareness of digestive health and fund research into the gut, liver and pancreas. Together, we can do incredible things.

  • To join Team Guts UK in one of our fun-filled events, click here
  • If you’d like to take part in a funky fundraiser for Guts UK, click here
  • If you’d like to raise awareness, contact our team today to request materials to help you on your mission
  • Do you have your own idea? Get in touch with us to see how we can help you

Read more about Faecal Incontinence here

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