Grant call for Guts UK co-funded research award into diverticular disease is now open

22nd March 2019

Guts UK has partnered with Bowel & Cancer Research again to co-fund a research grant into diverticular disease. This award is a grant of up to £75,000 over the course of 3 years to support PhD students in areas relating to diverticulitis and diverticular disease.

The recipient of a previous award collaboration with Bowel & Cancer Research was Dr David Humes, who investigated the outcomes of minimally invasive approaches to manage complications of diverticulitis. To read more about his study, click here.

If you are interested in applying, visit the Bowel & Cancer Research website here to fill out the application form.

Deadline for all applications is Friday 17th May 2019, 5pm. Final decisions on funding will be made in November 2019.

For any queries, please contact Deborah Gilbert at:



In partnership with Bowel & Cancer Research

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