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For 50 years, Guts UK’s innovative research into digestive diseases has provided some huge answers to pertinent questions, but we know we still have a long way to go.

With new knowledge, we will end the pain and suffering for the millions affected by digestive diseases.

Be part of our story.

We invite researchers, gastroenterologists, clinicians, nurses, scientists – past and present – to join us. You can help us get to grips with guts and support our vision: a world where digestive disorders are better understood, better treated and everyone who lives with one gets the support they need.

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Your ongoing support will ensure we fund the next generation of GI researchers. It’s time we got to grips with guts. And we need you.

The monthly amount you give is entirely your choice. Alternatively, you can contact us on about setting up an alternative frequency or to support us in another way.

Please input your chosen monthly amount using the link below and reference “Foundation” as your ‘motivation for giving’.

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