Guts UK Charity attends BSG Live 2024!

27th June 2024

Last week, the team at Guts UK spent four days in Birmingham at BSG Live – the annual conference of the British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG). 

The BSG Live conference is attended by healthcare professionals in gastroenterology (the medical care and research into the stomach and intestines), hepatology (the medical care and research into the liver, gallbladder and biliary tree) and pancreatology (the medical care and research into the pancreas), including doctors, nurses, dietitians, and scientists.  

Guts UK attends this important event each year to meet the amazing professionals who are hugely pivotal to creating a brighter future for our digestive systems and their intricate and complex workings! 

We also grasp the opportunity to talk to them about our current research projects and evidence-based information and discuss how we can improve support for those affected by digestive symptoms and conditions. 

An opportunity to learn 

When we attend the BSG, we have no doubt that we are going to learn so much and come away awe-inspired. The conference covers all digestive conditions, including diseases affecting the liver, pancreas and gut.  

Our team attends a range of sessions, hearing more about the latest practices, insights, and research findings. It is fantastic to see many of the healthcare professionals Guts UK has supported so far speaking at the conference each year about the research they dedicated themselves to—all for a better world for our digestive systems.  

Funding vital research 

Dr Aamir Saifuddin presented his clinical research into Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Dr Saifuddin received the Guts UK/BSG Trainee Award in 2022.


This year, Guts UK hosted our own dedicated session, where speakers who’d been awarded grants from Guts UK and BSG discussed how Guts UK funding has helped their research and allowed them to take it forward.

As a small charity, we are proud that our supporters’ donations are directly funding research into digestive diseases, helping to improve understanding and management of digestive conditions for people far and wide, across the UK. 

The Dr Falk/Guts UK Awards 

Some of this year’s award winners. Image credit: Dr Falk Pharma


At the BSG, we attended an awards dinner where we recognised and celebrated the achievements of those who won this year. In partnership with Dr Falk, Guts UK awards grants to healthcare professionals across the UK to fund life-changing and life-saving research into digestive diseases 

The grants are open to all gastroenterology, hepatology and pancreatology professionals, from junior doctors still in training to senior consultants with a track record in research. This approach ensures that we can support both the current, engaged minds and the bright, enquiring minds of tomorrow when it comes to our digestive systems, from top to tail. Supporting research in this area is essential to make progress with new treatments and tests that can help people affected by digestive diseases. Treatments that can both change and save lives. 


Guts UK will continue to work closely with healthcare professionals to get our information resources into the hands of people affected by digestive symptoms and conditions when they need it most. 

Remaining engaged in the world of our digestive systems

BSG Live 2024 was, as always, such an insightful and rewarding experience and we are already looking forward to BSG Live 2025, which will see Guts UK travel to Glasgow.

Without you, none of the research we fund, or any of the work we do, would be possible. We are unstoppable with you by our sides. Thank you for your support and dedication to our cause. Together, we’re getting to grips with guts.


You can play a vital part in life-changing and life-saving research. Donate today. Thank you.

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