“We’re in awe of Steven running in our mum’s honour!”

2nd October 2021

Guts UK were delighted when Steven got in touch to say he wanted to run for us in the London Marathon!

Meet Steven:

Here at Guts UK we really thought we’d won the lottery when we had 5 charity places in the London Marathon this year. However, when Steven got in touch to say he had his own place and wanted to run for us too, it was the cherry on top of the cake!

Steven was inspired to run for us after he learnt about the passing of his colleague and friend, Gianna.


Gianna was diagnosed with stomach cancer and passed away just two weeks later. She requested that her loved ones raise funds for research into stomach cancer and advancements towards a quicker diagnosis.

That’s how the family found Guts UK. They saw our research by Dr Jansen into stomach

cancer and decided to create a MuchLoved page to raise funds for Guts UK in Gianna’s memory. They raised an incredible £7,506 for Guts UK in her honour. Steven wanted to continue to honour Gianna’s life, so when he found out he had his own place in the London Marathon, he knew we were one of the charities he wanted to fundraise for.

“My mum was always willing to help others, mostly through her own talents of baking and super human organisational skills. She’d jump at the chance to raise money through a bake sale or putting together the old people’s lunch at church. But a runner she was not. We’re so in awe of Steven running the London Marathon in our mum’s honour! It’s certainly not something she would attempt!

We hope any money raised can prevent another family from going through the loss we have experienced this year. Best of luck Steven!”

Laura, Murray and Alex, Gianna’s family.

Supporting Guts UK in memory of a loved one

Fundraising in memory of a loved one is a way of remembering a loved one by funding the research of tomorrow. If you would like to fundraise in memory of a loved one, find out more or contact Guts UK today.

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