“When my name was pulled from a toilet, I was so excited!”

30th September 2021

Guts UK are delighted to announce our fifth member of our London Marathon 2021 team, Angela!

Meet Angela: 

Ever since Angela started running four years ago, it’s been a dream of hers to run the London Marathon. As she put so equolently, she was ‘a bit excited’ when her name was pulled out of a giant toilet by the team at Guts UK for one of our London Marathon 2021 places!

Angela has dedicated herself to this challenge and to raise as much money as possible for our small but mighty charity. Angela proves that there are so many creative and fun ways to fundraise before a big event. Angela broke her fundraising down into smaller challenges, which has already helped her to raise over £1,000!


Angela got creative with her fundraising! On the run up to the big day, she has organised a cocktail evening with friends. She charged for each ticket and held raffles and quizzes throughout the night.

Angela also held a local orienteering event. These fun and unique ways involved those closest to her in a really special way on her London Marathon journey.

Fundraising for Guts UK!

Are you feeling inspired? Do you want to help the UK get to grips with guts? We are eager to support our fantastic fundraisers in any way we can. Check out our other fundraisers  and all the other ways you can help Guts UK fund life-saving research!

We are thrilled to have someone has dedicated as Angela be our fifth member of the Guts UK London Marathon 2021 team!

 “Running the London marathon is a once in a lifetime experience for most, and I hope to raise as much money as possible for this fabulous small charity.  Your support and donations would be very much appreciated.”

If you’d like to support Angela’s journey to the London Marathon you can head over to her JustGiving page.

Equally, if you’ve felt inspired by some of Angela’s fun and creative ideas and want to have a go at fundraising yourself for Guts UK, please get in touch today!

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