From Mountains to Marathons – Ethan’s Story

2nd August 2021

Guts UK were delighted to have five London Marathon places in 2021. When pulled names out of a toilet (very fitting), Ethan was one lucky winner!

Meet our third runner, Ethan:

The lovely Ethan was already a part the Guts UK’s community before applying for one of our London Marathon places. In January 2020 his mum, Mary, was diagnosed with terminal Stage Four stomach cancer. Despite an initial prognosis of 6-12 months and putting up a brave fight, just three months later Mary passed away peacefully surrounded by close family at home, aged just 55.

Last year Ethan and a group of friends completed the Three Peaks Challenge for Guts UK in memory of his mum. The incredible team raised over £2,000.

Ethan said, “This challenge was influential in providing me with the closure I needed as I said a final goodbye to mum from the tallest mountain in the country. I am extremely lucky and fortunate enough to have such amazing friends and family.”

The support he received from his Three peaks challenge spurred him on to apply for one of our London Marathon places.

Despite not having a running background, Ethan is dedicated to this challenge. He’s already completed a half marathon this June as part of his training! He’ll also be wearing a very fetching banana costume this October, in hopes to capture people’s attention whilst running!

“I have made it my mission to make my mum proud! I hope to follow in her footsteps and keep her love for adventure alive.”

Continuing to remember his mum through her love of adventure is a healing step for Ethan. There are so many ways to remember a loved one through fundraising. If Ethan has inspired you please get in touch today about all the ways we can support one another through this difficult time.

Mum will always be remembered by those who knew her as one of the strongest, most caring people in the world. She meant so much to so many and her memory will forever live on in all of us. Please feel free to donate, share or like my page and thank you again for your time and support!”

We are honoured Ethan wanted to continue to support Guts UK and are thrilled to have him a part of our London Marathon 2021 team.If you’d like to support Ethan’s fundraising, head to his JustGiving page.

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