Calling all Guardians of the Gut

21st January 2020

Calling all Guardians of the Gut. Stand up and be counted – your nation needs you!

One of the most important objectives of Guts UK’s research strategy is to maintain the supply of bright inquiring minds into research for the first time. This is how many of today’s leaders started. Our Guts UK/Dr Falk Awards were set up to do just this.

If you’re working in the area of gastroenterology, hepatology or pancreatology as a trainee doctor, nurse or dietitian – you are doing great work and we all want to hear about it!

Dr Falk/Guts UK annual prizes and awards are about celebrating our important specialty and sharing best practice so everyone can benefit. You’ve already done the hard work, or you have a brilliant idea for some important first research? Step forward for the recognition, the occasion or nominate a star today. Applications close April 6th 2020.

1x £1,000 prize for the best essay on gastroenterology (including hepatology & pancreatology).

4x £1,500 prizes for medical students taking full-time science degrees in the UK focusing on gastroenterology (including hepatology & pancreatology).

2x £2,500 awards for UK-based F1/F2 doctors to facilitate prospective research in an area relevant to gastroenterology (including hepatology & pancreatology).

1x £1,000 award for UK-based primary and secondary care nurses working in gastroenterology (including hepatology & pancreatology) for initiatives that have improved patient care.

1x £1,000 award for UK-based dietitians working in gastroenterology (including hepatology & pancreatology) for initiatives that have improved patient care.

Up to £10,000 is available for UK-based gastroenterology SpR trainees who would like to conduct an audit or quality improvement project in any area of gastroenterology (including hepatology & pancreatology) or nutrition.

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