Professor Chris Hawkey travels 4,570miles to support Guts UK

29th August 2019

Prof. Hawkey sporting his Guts UK t-shirt

Professor Chris Hawkey has practiced as a gastroenterologist for nearly 40 years. At Guts UK, we’ve been honoured to have him as our Medical Chair and trustee for 10 years. His research throughout his career has been revolutionary and his passion for all things guts is inspiring. 

This September, Prof. Hawkey will be taking on a challenge of huge interest to him. He’ll travel 4,570 miles across the globe to Kamchatka, Russia; one of the most isolated places on the planet. There, he’ll spend almost two weeks: rafting, climbing three volcanoes and absorbing the culture of one of the most remote places in the world (and avoiding the bears!)

At 72 years young, Prof. Hawkey is eager to encourage others to do something that they may not just find challenging, but something that they find interesting – and why not do it for charity too: 

 “If you were to ask me ‘why Kamchatka?’ then I’d say ‘why not?’ I want to encourage others to do whatever they want to do, and to do it for Guts UK. Having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease too, I’m hoping that I can encourage others to leave their negative mindset behind and just go for it!”  

Kamchatka is also known as ‘The Land of Volcanoes’. Image from

Prof. Hawkey is choosing to fundraise for Guts UK and Parkinson’s UK on his trip, due to exciting recent research exploring the relationship between our microbiome (gut bacteria) and Parkinson’s disease.

 “Evidence is mounting that some of the earliest changes that lead to Parkinson’s may actually begin in the gut. 

This is a huge discovery and still a very recent one, which only highlights how much we’re yet to discover about gut bacteria and its connection to our brain.” 

We’re sure you’ll agree that there’s no stopping the powerhouse that is Professor Chris Hawkey. Show your support Prof. Hawkey on his journey by donating to his fundraising page here.

Keep an eye on our social media pages for his daily facts, tips & updates. Click here for Facebook or Twitter.

Support Chris' journey & see the updates throughout his trip here

Further reading on Parkinson's & the microbiome

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