Interview with dietitian: Chloe Adams

7th June 2019

As part of Dietitians Week 2019, Guts UK interviewed supporter, former dietitian and current Policy Officer at the British Dietetic Association – Chloe Adams.

Having seen the impact that digestive disorders can have on people’s lives, Chloe chose to trek Machu Picchu earlier this year in aid of Guts UK.

Tell us more about your role as a dietitian within the NHS:

Within the NHS I was a community gastroenterology dietitian. I led on establishing a brand new service specialising in dietary management of IBS to include education and individualised support for The Low FODMAP Diet, Coeliac Annual Review Clinics and the support of other gut disorders that could be managed in the community setting.

I now work as Policy Officer for Education and Professional Development at The British Dietetic Association.

Why did you decide to take on Machu Picchu for Guts UK?

I chose to do a Charity Challenge as I had heard it was a fantastic way to see the world, as well as supporting a worthwhile cause, , so  when I saw Machu Picchuon the charity challenge website I  thought “yes, totally booking on to this”. I knew straight away I wanted my chosen charity to be Guts UK. Having worked in the NHS for 8 years at the time, and primarily supporting those with gut disorders in the community, I saw this as an opportunity to contribute to the bigger picture.

It felt an honour to be able to do something on this scale and dedicate it to Guts UK. It felt great to be able to know I was supporting those with gut disorders, just in a very different way to how I used to.


For those looking to take on a trek for Guts UK, what advice would you give them in regards to food and drink (before & during)?

Fuel yourself with a good balance of carbohydrate, protein and lots of fruit and vegetables. Enjoy your food! During your trek you’ll burn lots of calories and require more fuel than normal.Bread, pasta, potatoes and rice are great for refuelling – eat these at meal times. It can be useful to take nuts, dried fruit and chocolate to eat as snacks if you start to feel low on energy. I’d also recommend grabbing yourself some re-hydration salts. Use them in every bottle of water you drink….and make sure you drink at least 2 litres. When you sweat you lose a lot of salt, and it is the salt that helps your body use the water to hydrate you. The hydration salts help your body use the water you drink much more efficiently.

Would you recommend taking on the Machu Picchu trek or any other challenge for Guts UK? 

I would totally recommend taking on a challenge for Guts UK. It is a fantastic conversation starter, and helps to spread the word of the amazing work Guts UK does. A challenge like the Machu Picchu Trek is a wonderful personal experience. I’ve recommended Charity Challenge as an organisation to many since I have got back, it was so well organised and they created an awesome experience for us all.

Lastly – how did you celebrate such a brilliant achievement afterwards!?

When the group finished the trek, we all went for a lush meal where we were presented with our medals of achievement. Peruvian cocktails and dancing in Cuzco!

Guts UK is a fantastic charity dedicated to the support of gut disorders in the UK. Their work is well deserving and it felt a privilege to be able to dedicate my Charity Challenge to them. I would encourage others to bite the bullet and take on a challenge and dedicate it to Guts UK!

Chloe Adams - Guts UK supporter, former dietitian and policy officer at the BDA

If you have a challenge, event or trek in mind that you’d like to take on for Guts UK let us know. Discover Guts UK’s own event places here or email


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