European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

6th March 2019

United European Gastroenterology (UEG) have marked this March as colorectal cancer awareness month, to raise awareness and highlight the importance of prevention and earlier diagnosis.

Colorectal cancer, or bowel cancer, is Europe’s second biggest cancer killer, and is sadly on the rise. Like many digestive cancers, it can be hard to identify symptoms until the cancer has progressed. However, many colorectal cancers are fully treatable when caught early. That’s why screening tests are so important.

UEG have created an animated video to shine a light on colorectal cancer to encourage:

  • prevention
  • early detection

Watch the video below

UEG animated video: Face Up To Colorectal Cancer

Later this month, Professor Colin Rees will begin his Parabola/Guts UK Colorectal Cancer research study based in Newcastle. His research hopes to develop a risk stratification system for patients more at risk of bowel cancer.

More information can be found here:


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