Bacteria and Good Gut Health: An Expert’s Guide

5th July 2018

Gut bacteria are important for gut and overall health. However, there is still a lot we don’t know or understand about our gut bacteria and about what happens when we are ill or something goes wrong. The good news is that doctors and researchers are making progress every day helping us get a clearer picture.

Guts UK’s Medical Director Dr Anton Emmanuel wrote an article for online pharmacy to raise awareness of this important topic. In his own words: ‘‘it is unquestionably true that there is a chance to enhance health by adjusting gut bacteria. However, the science isn’t as neatly defined as that at the moment. It’s tantalising because we know a bit, but not quite enough to be entirely useful.’

Read the article and tells us what you think. At Guts UK we are keen to support the work of the doctors and researchers making progress in this area. We want to thank all our supporters, who allow us to continue raising awareness and fund research in this area. Thank you!

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