Guts to Go Further

In addition to completing five half marathons in just five months to help raise money for Guts UK, Ali Cross is now training to run the London Marathon in April for the same reason.

Ali with her Mad Dog 10k medal

Driven by dual motivations, her love for running and a passion for raising money for charity, Ali has managed to raise £2487.50, including gift aid, in less than three months. This amount has already smashed the £1,500 target that she set for herself and with another month before the event, could still increase.

The 39-year-old Assistant Head of English at a school in Ormskirk, Lancashire, is currently running between 30 and 40 miles a week in preparation for the marathon. She attributes her ability to do this to fellow runner Mike Murray who she describes as an expert marathon runner providing expert help and support. She is set to run a 20 mile race in Lancaster on the 18th of March, closely followed by the Liverpool Half Marathon on the 25th.

Sadly, Ali’s father passed away 24 years ago after suffering from pancreatic cancer, and the work that Guts UK are doing, leading the fight to combat digestive disorders such as this, has provided a catalyst for her incredible support. “CORE do amazing work, they are committed to fighting all digestive disorders of the gut, liver and pancreas. They fund vital research, provide support for families affected and promote awareness of digestive health” Ali details on her fundraising page. “I can’t think of a better charity to support.”

Ali hosting a special Guts UK Bingo

To supplement all of this hard work Ali has also raised money in a variety of other resourceful ways. These include aiding some of her students in running a break time tuck shop and hosting a race night that incredibly gathered a colossal £1023 with the help of Nationwide Produce PLC, a local company that sponsored the event and generously provided raffle prizes. With the help of Ali’s mother, sister and friend Dawn, this race night alone raised just over two thirds of the £1500 that she initially hoped to amass.

Ali is an amazing ambassador for Guts UK who has helped to raise over £3000 for the charity in the last year alone. Her passion and her incredible appetite for helping and fundraising is as awe-inspiring as it is heart-warming. “I have a 9 year old son called Rory to whom I wish to be a good role model- showing him that you can help others by doing what you enjoy and to strive to achieve your dreams.” Ali emphasises.

If you would like to donate to her London Marathon run then you can do so here.