The Power of Three

10th July 2024

Our digestive systems are complex and we have a lot to learn about them but the reality is, our guts have been underfunded, undervalued and misunderstood for decades. We exist to change that.

Guts UK is the only UK charity funding research into the digestive system from top to tail. We have three charitable objectives:

  • Provide expert information to patients and their families.
  • Raise public awareness.
  • Fund life-changing and live-saving research.


Kev with his youngest child, Elsie

Our digestive systems are complex. Afterall, 25ft is a lot of guts to get to grips with, but we believe knowledge is power. With the right information, people can make informed decisions about their symptoms and conditions and can take control of their health.

Nadine, who’s husband Kev passed away from pancreatitis in 2021 aged 44, tells us:

“Like many people, we didn’t know much about pancreatitis and this is where Guts UK were a massive help during Kev’s time in hospital. It’s vital that Guts UK raises enough money to continue helping families like ours, at a time we needed it most.”

Information about digestive conditions and symptoms can be found here.


Our research shows that 58% of people feel embarrassed to talk about their digestive condition or symptoms. We want to empower people to seek the help they need sooner – free from any embarrassment or stigma.

One person who lives with Bile Acid Malabsorption told us:

“Me and my wife are much less intimate as I sometimes go to bed feeling bloated, crampy or tired. I don’t think it’s affected how we feel about each other but I do think my wife misses the intimacy. I’m not 100% comfortable with chatting to my other half about my bowel cramps, or with anyone else for that matter.”


Grace (left) and Alia (right)

Did you know that Gastroenterology (medicine relating to our digestive systems) receives just 2% of the UK’s medical research funding? We exist to change that. 

Alia and Grace both live with Achalasia, a condition that affects the nerves and muscles of the oesophagus (food pipe). Their parents, Agnieszka and Cassius and Vanessa and Steve, tell us:

“We know research takes time. There are rarely any quick fixes, especially for complex conditions of the digestive system. But we all have guts, and we must go faster, fund more research and ensure our guts get the attention they deserve. Perhaps by the time our little girls are ready to have families of their own, achalasia can be cured.” 

You can read more about our research here.


There’s lots more to be done, from challenging the taboo surrounding our poo, to funding more vital research that with change and save lives.

With your kindness and support, we can reach even more people who are suffering in silence, yet to discover our empowering information and community. Help us reach more people who need us but don’t yet know we exist by donating monthly to Guts UK.

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