Who is Colin the Inflatable Colon?

20th March 2024

You might know of the Guts UK charity legend, Colin the Inflatable Colon, but if this is your first time hearing of him, fear not, because you are in for a treat!

Let’s get to know a little bit about him…

Colin the inflatable colon at an outdoor event

Colin was born as a guardian of the gut to:

  • Spark conversations surrounding digestive health at events.
  • Make conversations surrounding gut health more comforting and accessible.​​
  • Abolish the taboo surrounding talking about our guts.
  • Raise awareness of various digestive conditions, what they look like, and also the progression from a polyp to bowel cancer.
  • Be a visual representation of our invisible and under-represented digestive system.

People can’t help but stop and take a look when they see Colin the Inflatable Colon. They are keen to come over to see what he is all about and try to diagnose all his different diseases. He creates much-needed conversations surrounding our gut health, and we love him for that. When he is not out on the road educating the nation, he sleeps in his sleeping bag. He is a vital part of our team. Helping the UK to get to grips with guts, one venue at a time.​

Colin’s cribsheet:

Your support

It’s thanks to people like you that Colin the Colon exists and is a vital part of our team. Because of you, Colin can get on the road and teach the nation, location by location. Our guts have been underfunded, undervalued and undervalued for decades. We can only continue to help people with your support. Together we can do more. Please consider donating to Guts UK today.

Amy is walking visitors into Colin the Inflatable Colon, showing them a healthy gut microbiota on the inner, right hand side of the colon.

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