Shortage of Pancreatic Enzyme Replacement Therapy (PERT)

28th November 2023

UPDATE – June 2o24: Read more here.

At Guts UK, some members of our community rely on prescription pancreatic enzymes (Pancreatic Enzyme Replacement Therapy, PERT) to help them properly digest the food they eat. When your pancreas doesn’t produce enough enzymes to digest the food (particularly fats) that we eat, the enzymes work in helping us digest this food. This can include those living with chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic exocrine insufficiency, acute pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer.

Unfortunately there has been a shortage of one of the most well-known brands of pancreatic enzymes, Creon (produced by Viatris). We’ve heard from members of our community who have been struggling to get a hold of their typical prescription.

Update from Viatris on 27th October 2023

Supply constraint of Creon® 2500 (Pancreatin) – 27th October 2023

Viatris, the marketing authorisation holder for Creon® in the UK, is currently experiencing a temporary supply constraint of Creon® 25000.

Due to compounding issues in the sourcing of active ingredient and the manufacturing process, Creon® 25000 is currently out of stock.

We have worked diligently with our supplier to expedite the next confirmed delivery date for the UK to w/c 6th November, which means that Creon® 25000 will next be available in retail pharmacies by w/c 13th November.

We continue to work with our suppliers to move this delivery date closer if possible and will keep healthcare professionals and pharmacists updated in due course.

Dosing of Creon® is based on lipase units. Creon® 10000 and Creon® Micro continue to be available as usual.

If you are a pharmacist and your preferred wholesaler is showing out of stock, please contact our Customer Service team via email: or by phone on 01707 853 100, confirming the wholesaler(s) and depot name(s) and we may be able to advise further.

We are unable to make any specific treatment recommendations to healthcare professionals or for individual patients. It is recommended that patients speak to their treating healthcare professional to discuss treatment options according to their health needs and their relevant clinical history.

Charities have been updated with the current situation. Pancreatic Cancer UK runs a Support Line staffed by specialist nurses and they can support patients and their families, including information and support on PERT during this time. This Support Line can be reached on freephone 0808 801 0707, or by visiting

Best Regards,

Chris Reed

Therapy Area Lead


If you are affected by the 25,000 shortage, Creon® also produce Creon 10,000 capsules. You would have to take more to make up for your dose, which you can discuss with your doctor. Other brands of prescription pancreatic enzymes also available include:

  • Pancrease® (will be discontinued at the end of 2023)
  • Nutrizym®
  • Pancrex®

Guts UK is working with other charities whose communities rely on PERT for various other conditions, and we will share updates when we receive them.

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