Pancreatic Patient & Public Forum

15th April 2019

The 17th May will see the 6th National Pancreatic Diseases Patient and Public Forum take place at The Education Centre (based in The Royal Liverpool University Hospital). The forum is an opportunity for individuals affected by pancreatic diseases (including pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer) to meet fellow patients, carers and health professionals.

The day is an opportunity to update, inform, discuss and debate current research into pancreatic disease. The forum will also discuss mental health, diet, paediatric pancreatitis and much more. There will also be an opportunity to share personal experiences as part of a group in a Breakout Session.

The conference is run by patients for patients, based on public feedback and recommendations. The event is a chance to meet others affected by pancreatic disease but also meet professionals in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Free to attend, the sessions have been invaluable for many and the 6th Forum will see a wide range of topics covered again with fantastic speakers.

The group are eager to welcome old and new members in 2019 for the 6th forum. For further information, please email:

To join Guts UK's Pancreatitis Facebook Group, click here

Meet Amy Lucas who is a Pancreatic Patient Ambassador working alongside The National Pancreatic Diseases Patient & Public Forum.

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