Touring toilet cubicle aims to abolish the poo taboo!

4th April 2022

Guts UK is delighted to announce that from the 5th to the 8th April, we’ll be visiting Northampton, Liverpool and London… in style! With our friends at Fybogel, we’ll be in touring toilet cubicles (also known as ‘Cubicle Confessionals’). This unique conversation-starter will give you the opportunity to talk to a gut health expert* and learn more about the hidden world inside you.

Julie Harrington, Guts UK’s CEO

“There’s a real taboo surrounding poo. When discussing toilet habits, we tend to make the subject humorous, to make the conversation more comfortable and less serious. But your poo is an indication of your health in many ways. It’s important to look at your poo, know what is your ‘normal‘, and talk to your doctor about anything unusual for you.

Guts UK’s research found that 58% of people agreed that those with digestive condition or symptoms are embarrassed about their symptoms or condition. Worryingly, 51% of people also delay seeking advice for six months or longer, and that can lead to unnecessary suffering, or putting off potential ‘red flag’ symptoms.

Our guts have been undervalued and misunderstood for decades. It’s time we gave the guts the attention they deserve. Guts UK hopes the travelling Cubicle Confessional will take the UK one step closer to getting to grips with guts” – Julie Harrington, CEO at Guts UK.

Fybogel and Guts UK want to empower people to seek help. The touring Cubicle Confessional can give you a fun, engaging yet comfortable way to start talking about your digestive health.

When and where?

  • 5th April – Potter’s Field, London from 10:30am to 2pm.
  • 6th April – Potter’s Field, London from 10am to 2pm.
  • 7th April – Paradise Street, Liverpool from 9:30am-12:30pm, then 3pm to 6pm.
  • 8th April – Market Square, Northampton from 10am to 2pm.

Fybogel’s research found that almost half of those surveyed admitted that they ignored their digestive symptoms**. It’s time we changed that fact, and encourage people to seek help when they need it.

It’s time the UK got to grips with guts.

Guts UK is the charity for the digestive system from top to tail; all 25ft of it! With your kindness and support, we can reach more people, suffering in silence, yet to discover our empowering information and community. You can help us reach more people who need us, but don’t know we exist yet by donating £3 a month to Guts UK. Thank you.


Fybogel Hi-Fibre Granules. Contains Ispaghula Husk. For the relief of constipation and maintenance of regularity. Always read the label. Fybogel FibreChews is a medical device. Always read the instructions. RB-M-97943. Paid partnership with Guts UK for Fybogel Cubicle Confessionals.

*The healthcare professional involved does not endorse any medicinal brands or products.

** One Poll Digestive Health survey of 2000 UK residents aged 18+


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