Love Your Gut Week 2019

16th September 2019

Love your Gut Week (16-22ndSeptember) is a much celebrated week at Guts UK. 2019’s theme is “talking taboo”. We want to tackle the taboo surrounding gut health and encourage people to talk to their GPs, friends, family and colleagues about gut health and the problems/symptoms they may be experiencing.

Poor digestive health and digestive conditions can affect almost every aspect of every day life
Love Your Gut Week is an initiative of Yakult UK Limited, and is in association with Guts UK, Bowel & Cancer Research, St Mark’s Hospital Foundation, The IBS Network, Bowel Disease Research Foundation & Primary Care Society for Gastroenterology.

The annual digestive health campaign highlights the vital role of the digestive system and emphasises the importance of good gut health through educating the public. Guts UK’s research shows that 51% of patients with digestive symptoms do not seek advice for over 6 months. 58% of those with digestive conditions said they felt embarrassed about their condition/symptoms.

Guts UK’s CEO, Julie Harrington featuring various poo objects!

 “The fact that people feel as though they can’t talk about their digestive condition or the symptoms they experience is detrimental to our health as a nation. Our digestive system is our own personal plumbing system. It’s complexity however, means that there are many places where things can go wrong.

Looking after our guts and keeping an eye on symptoms and signs can pay off. And talking about them is just as important! Love Your Gut Week is another way to spark a national conversation about our guts, and Guts UK are 100% behind it”

– Julie Harrington, Guts UK’s CEO

This week, help Guts UK tackle the stigma surrounding gut health and abolish the taboo by talking taboo! You can help by sharing our posts on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, using the hashtag #LoveYourGut and talking about your guts to those around you.

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