A Gift in Your Will

A gift to Guts UK Charity in your will can secure vital future research.

Any gift in your will, a percentage share or a set sum, large or small, will make a huge and lasting difference. All that’s needed is to include Guts UK Charity and our registered charity number 1137029. It could be the single most effective gift you can give.

If you’d like to discuss this, please ring to speak to Julie on 0207 486 0341. We’d be delighted to hear from you. Thank you.

Margaret wants to be part of future research into the Liver

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Guts UK, past present and future
Our charity was formed in 1971, when it became clear that insufficient resources were being applied to the fight against gut and liver disease. Guts UK’s aim was not only to understand, control and cure digestive disorders, but also to act as the patient’s friend, by providing information to and listening to patients. At the time, ulcers were rife, coeliac disease was a cause of severe ill health and an attack of colitis was often a death sentence. Now, with Guts UK’s help all that is history.

Present challenges:
But there are always new challenges but also new weapons to fight them. With your continued support we look forward to:

  • new treatments for abdominal pain
  • new treatments for pancreatitis
  • a cure for viral hepatitis
  • continuing reductions in death from colorectal cancer
  • making progress on the devastating impact of oesophageal (gullet) and pancreatic cancer
  • improving the outlook for those with diverticular disease

Discoveries for the future
Meanwhile, Guts UK researchers have made exciting far reaching new scientific discoveries that will change the face of medicine in the medium term.

  • Genetics: We have identified 161 genes that predispose to Crohn’s and Colitis. This will lead to new treatments. And there will be similar advances in cancer, coeliac disease and liver conditions.
  • The microbiome: The bugs in your gut have a big effect not only on gut diseases but also throughout the body, affecting mood, diabetes and obesity.
  • Diet: What we eat affects the microbiome: soon we will be able to give better answers to that question: “What’s a healthy diet for me?”
  • Personalised medicine: These advances will help us to line up the right patient for the right treatment.

Including a gift to Guts UK in your will ensures that you play a role in the future of our research.