Striking a Chord in Germany

On the 5th of October our signed Wilko Johnson Fender Telecaster ended, the winning bid was a fantastic £1,272!

So the auction was successful, but did it go to a good home?

Ruediger Pape, a Wilko fan from Germany, was the winning bidder. We were a bit surprised when we saw the bid was based in Germany and we were even more surprised by the incredible photo Ruediger sent back to us after receiving the guitar.

Ruediger couldn’t look any cooler

So it turns out the guitar couldn’t have gone to a better home. Ruediger is a huge fan of Wilko but not only that, Ruediger also suffered from cancer at the same time as Wilko did.

“I had to deal with cancer – prostate cancer to be exact – at about the same time, that Mr. Johnson had to deal with his and I was struck by the dignity, truthfulness and authenticity he treated his situation in public. Many of the things he said in these interviews and documentations about his thoughts and feelings were so similar – or better identical – to what I felt when I had to make up my mind about what to do with the diagnosis, undergo the respective operation and treatments or refuse the processes of the medical system and accept the situation.

I found my way and concerning Wilko Johnson I had the strange feeling that there is somebody out there who does ‘understand’ you perfectly well without even knowing you. The deep inner processes, thoughts and fears, that can be shared with your loved ones only up to a certain extent found some reflection from somebody totally far away.”

We couldn’t be happier with Ruediger’s support and we wish him the best of luck and hope he enjoys his new toy.