Guts UK/Parabola Colorectal Cancer Research Grant

The Parabola Foundation and Guts UK are launching a new grant to further research in endoscopy. THIS GRANT CALL IS NOW CLOSED.

Parabola Foundation and Guts UK (formerly Core) are announcing a joint grant call to advance endoscopy research in the field of early diagnosis, screening and prevention of colorectal cancer, for example using endoscopic technologies coupled to more basic scientific approaches. Research questions should address one key theme: how can screening, early detection and prevention of colorectal cancer or its precursors be improved? The value of the grant is £1,250,000 over 5 years. The deadline for applications is 29th June 2018.

An essential aspect of the research is that it must be of clear, direct and significant benefit to the people and patients of North East of England, with a substantial amount of work undertaken in that region. This is a geographical area of priority for Parabola Foundation, as the region presents a major clinical need in the area of colorectal cancer and would benefit from enhanced funding in gastrointestinal research.

Applicants will need to explain how their proposed project fits within the current research landscape and priorities for the detection and prevention of colorectal cancer. Research with clear potential clinical impact will be prioritised.

Eligibility criteria

The grant call is open to senior gastroenterology clinical investigators based at a UK university or hospital. The applicant must be able to demonstrate a strong track record in successfully leading and delivering large-scale endoscopy trials in colorectal cancer detection/prevention.

This award is not for a fellowship; the principal applicant must have an established post for the duration of the project. This award is open to researchers nationally. Funding will be available for research work undertaken only in the UK.

Budget and research duration

The maximum allowed budget is £1,250,000 over 5 years. Up to £500,000 might be allowed in the first year to facilitate study set up. Only the direct costs associated with the project will be funded; overhead allocation or other indirect costs, including senior posts which are already covered by HEFCE or other funding will not be covered. Capital costs will not be funded. This includes equipment which will not normally be funded unless a clear need and a strong justification is provided.

Review criteria

Applications will be assessed on these factors:

  1. the importance, relevance and originality of the work to be undertaken;
  2. the skills and track record of the team delivering the research;
  3. benefit to the people and patients of the North East of England;
  4. the suitability of the research approach;
  5. the feasibility of delivering the research, including the appropriateness of the proposed budget and timeline;
  6. the potential clinical and academic impact of the research.

Other considerations

Parabola Foundation and Guts UK are keen that the research starts as soon as possible after the award of the grant. Ethical and other relevant approvals as required by the project will need to be obtained. Research involving animals will not be accepted for this grant call.

Adoption by the NIHR Clinical Research Network, and hence eligibility for NIHR support, is strongly encouraged. Applicants are asked to contact their local CRN and/or the NIHR Clinical Research Network North East and North Cumbria for advice.

Application process

To apply, download the following documents:

Please submit your application by email to and post one wet-signed copy to Guts UK, 3 St Andrews Place, London NW1 4LB. Applications will be considered incomplete until the wet-signed copy has been received.

The deadline for applications is 29th June 2018. Applications will be reviewed initially by a joint panel with representatives from Guts UK and Parabola Foundation. The top applications will be sent for external peer review. These applications will be assessed in September 2018 by a Review Panel made up of Guts UK Research Awards Committee and Parabola Foundation representatives, who will select one research project for funding. The Trustees of both charities will be required to approve the award of the grant to that research project. The successful applicant will be notified in early October 2018.

Please note: Any queries relating to submission of the application must be referred directly to Guts UK.  Applicants or their colleagues may not contact a Research Awards Committee member or Guts UK Trustee to discuss any aspect of an application or the decision reached on it.

If you have questions about this funding opportunity or would like to sign up for research award updates, email